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From humble beginnings in1988 as a manufacturer of retail trade fixtures, NXTLVL has grown into an integrated team of industry-leading experts bringing together decades of experience in all the fields necessary to ensure the successful outcome of projects in retail development, restaurant, big-box, hotel, and specialty retail.

Today as a leading-edge Construction Project Management company we gratefully serve many of the world's most famous brands with a product & service mix that has expanded to include National General Contracting, Contract Manufacturing, Site Assessment Services, Architectural & Creative Design, Operations, M.E.P. Consultations, Procurement, Facilities Management Services & Logistics.


We know our trade well, but never stop learning and discovering new ways to innovate and be more effective so you can (and should) bring your next project to NXTLVL with confidence, and rest assured: from the time you say "go," a professional team will be hard at work to bring it out of the ground, build it out, roll it out, rebrand or remodel it, on-time and on budget.

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"Ensuring The Complete Quality Outcome of

Your Next Project Is Our Reputation."

NXTLVLppm brings together an incredible team of Construction and Project Management professionals equipped with state - of - the - art software and decades of in-field experience across the retail, office, dental/medical, restaurant and hospitality industries.


| What ppm  Means To Your Project |

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1. Preliminary Project Management

NXTLVL’s involvement begins with site selection, creative & technical design and bid-development. By applying a state-of-the-art graphical take-off system that links take-offs to continuously updated construction cost data and adjusts according to local cost factors throughout the United States. This approach reliably results in super-accurate, actionable, realistic pricing and “should costs” by trade, and work-schedules that can be executed efficiently and reliably.

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3. Progressive Project Management

NXTLVL Clients always know where their projects stand. From Construction Start to Turnover, we produce and deliver weekly Work Planning Reports (WPR’s) containing percentage completion statements accompanied by captioned photographs (uploaded daily) for the current week and planned activities for the week ahead.


5. Post-Project Management

Renowned Baseball player Hall-of-Famer and Professional Coach Yogi Berra said it best: “It ain’t over till it’s over.” And this is true about construction projects as well: after the doors are opened, the place is beautiful and the cash register is cha-chinging, things can still go awry. The air conditioner stops working in the middle of a heat wave, the plumbing backs up or ceiling tiles need replacing. The alarm system keeps going off. With NXTLVL PPM on your side, all of these issues and more can be handled with a single phone call or email as our team stays on board through the entire warranty period. And beyond. Need a post-warranty period solution? It’s highly probable that we’ve got the sub-base to cover it. Is it Remodel, Re-Set, Re-Brand, Refresh or Re-Purpose time? We’ve got that covered too.


2. Pro-Active Project Management

NXTLVL numbers are always accompanied by thoroughly analyzed construction schedules detailed by trade, event and division, including permitting, all forecasted inspections and turnover date, and are available in your choice of formats including Microsoft ProjectTM, Interactive Gantt Chart and/or Excel Spreadsheet. Post-Award, we’re focused on managing every point in that schedule to ensure the quality and timely completion of the project to expectation.

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4. Pre-emptive Project Management

Here’s Bad news: there could be a problem. Here’s Good news: It hasn’t happened yet. But Here’s the Best news: NXTLVL PPM has already seen it and has identified solutions. Every project is full of variables, with myriad things that could jump out and bite at any given time. So what if you had a crystal ball? Identifying solutions to potential problems that haven’t happened yet is the goal of NXTLVL’s pre-emptive mindset. Being able to spot potential conflicts and problems before they happen creates the opportunity to present viable, cost-effective options, and decades of real-world, hands-on, in-field experience across a wide array of trades and the variety of conditions and situations gives us the foresight and insight to do exactly that.

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6. Personalized Project Management

When something is "Personalized" it means it's been adapted to fit the needs of a specific individual, or in this case, your organization. NXTLVL molds it's business best practices around your specific needs and goals, so that working with us is easy for you. Moreover, NXTLVL PM's adopt a sense of personal project ownership to the extent that they see it's success as their own - it's personal. That's Personalized Project Management.

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